Soil Association will consider a ban on air freighted organic food

The Soil Association has announced that it will consult on a range of options to tackle the environmental impact of air freighting organic food.

The SA board will publish a consultation paper outlining options ranging from labelling produce and carbon offsetting, to an outright ban on air freighting.

This outline document will lead to a formal recommendation given to the Soil Association elected council within 12 months.

“There is a strong demand, from the public and many of our licensees, to reduce food miles,” said Soil Association director Patrick Holden, speaking from the Soil Association conference in Cardiff.

“Although there is very little air freighting of organic produce, we believe there is an urgent and pressing need to make every contribution to curbing climate change that we can.

“This is a complex issue though: especially for producers in developing countries where it involves equity and ethical trading issues, and that’s why we shall actively engage a wide-range of stakeholders to ensure we get it right.”