Somerset harvest nearly finished

“Harvest is pretty much finished here: We’ve had some good, some bad crops, but nothing will break the bank,” said Richard Payne in Taunton, Somerset.

Wheat yields were about average, but overall yields were down on last year due to lack of moisture. “The crops were dying rather than ripening.”

Two hundred and sixty hectares of Robigus, Glasgow, Alchemy and Nijinsky yielded 10t/ha at best, down to 8.1 – 8.75t/ha. “Nijinsky was a bit lighter, but the others all yielded on a par.”

Samples were good, with only one field of pinched grain. Bushel weights were 75 – 82kg/hl, but he said quality was not too much of an issue with these being feed varieties. None was yet sold.

Forty hectares of Lioness oilseed rape yielded 4 – 4.25t/ha, with a good oil content of 45%. “We’ve not sold the rape yet, thank goodness. The price was £150/t for October but now it is at £175/t, so we’re holding on to it.”

Next year Mr Payne planned to increase the area of barley and beans but keep the same area of oilseed rape and wheat.

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Robigus, Glasgow, Alchemy, Nijinsky
• Yield: 8.1 – 10t/ha
• Area: 260ha
• Quality: Bushel weight 75 – 82kg/hl

• Crop: Oilseed rape
• Variety: Lioness
• Yield: 4 – 4.25t/ha
• Area: 40ha
• Quality: Oil 45%

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