Spray improves nutrient uptake from slurry

A spray which improves the efficiency of nutrient uptake from slurry and manure could be available in the next couple of years.

The liquid is based on the same polymer used in Avail and Nutrisphere N fertiliser coatings distributed by Carrs Fertilisers in the UK and works on a similar principal, said Melanie Acklin, marketing director for manufacturer SFP. “They are all based on the same polymer, but they are structured differently.”

When using with farmyard manure, the product is applied after spreading using a standard sprayer and with slurry, it is poured in before application, she said. “It’s in the experimental stages at the moment, but it is hopefully going into UK trials next season and it could be available in the next couple of years.”

Avail is a polymer coating which prevents phosphorus fertiliser being locked up in soils and Nutrisphere N protects urea fertiliser against leaching and volatilisation.

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