Spring wheat a disaster in Scotland

Stuart Fuller – Shapcott has had a week of uninterrupted combining near Kelso in Scottish Borders.

Spring barley was disappointing with yields average to very bad. Quality had been generally good with nitrogen levels at 1.5%, but he said screenings had been slightly high. Oxbridge had been a “complete disaster” at just under 5t/ha, with Optic at 6.2t/ha and Cocktail at 5.7t/ha.

Winter wheat was “going nicely” with second wheat Einstein averaging 9.75t/ha, and Malacca was “looking wonderful” at 10t/ha. He said a field he was combining today (September 5) has reached 10t/ha, with some still left to cut. Sixteen hectares of Malacca remains, and then he plans to cut Solstice which he said looks like it could yield up to 12.5t/ha.

Paragon spring wheat was an “unprecedented disaster” with very poor yields, he noted. It was the first time he had grown the crop which suffered from BYDV and Orange Blossom Midge.

Moisture levels are at 16% which Mr Fuller-Shapcott said is unusual in Scotland. He is pleased as it means drying costs are kept low – particularly important given the current high fuel prices.

He suggested people who had cut wheat early to try and get on were regretting it due to high drying costs, but most are progressing reasonably well. “Yields are generally average with some better than others.” 

  • Crop/Variety: Optic, Cocktail and Oxbridge spring barley

  • Area: 120ha

  • Yield: Optic – 6.2t/ha, Cocktail 5.7t/ha, Oxbridge 5t/ha

  • Quality: 1.5% nitrogen


  • Crop/Variety: Einstein and Malacca winter wheat

  • Area: 120ha

  • Yield: Einstein 9.75t/ha, Malacca 10t/ha

  • Quality: Moisture 16%


  • Crop/Variety: Paragon spring wheat

  • Area: 9ha

  • Yield: N/A

  • Quality: N/A


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