Syngenta launches new online advice service

Autumn is a critical time for growers making critical decisions on post-emergence weed control. wheat drilling rates and spring cropping plans.

With this in mind, Syngenta is launching an “Adviser of the week” online service to help provide answers to growers questions with a series of key experts giving advice.

The new online service starts on 20 September with the firm’s seeds specialist Simon Phillips available to answer your burning questions such as variety choice, potential yields, seed rates and HGCA Recommended List trials data results.

He has a broad knowledge of cereals in the UK from target plant populations which best suit varieties and conditions to specific qualities needed in barley to produce the perfect pint.

ADAS’ Peter Gladders is also taking part answering questions. To get involved and take advantage of this free service, simply click here. At the end of the week, those registered will receive his top 10 tips from the questions asked.

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