Top tips on foot and mouth biosecurity.

The need for vigilant on-farm bio-security has never been greater, but what does this really mean in practice and what steps can you take to protect your farm? We pull together some top tips from industry experts.

Top Tips

• Do not move any livestock off your farm and keep different species of livestock separate where possible. 
• Avoid visiting other farms or meeting other livestock keepers unless absolutely necessary.
• Check stock regularly and be aware that sheep do not always show obvious signs of the disease.
• Keep everything clean – materials like mud or bedding on clothes, boots, equipment or vehicles can carry the virus

between farms or livestock groups.
• Use disposable overalls and alcohol hand cleansers.
• Have disinfectant and cleaning material ready at your farm entrance, so that essential visitors can disinfect

themselves when arriving and leaving.
• Keep a log of visitors to the farm, including their previous and next destinations.
• Eliminate pests, and sanitise water sources.

Common mistakes

• Footbaths – refresh at least once a day and more often if they become dirty, or they could end up harbouring

infection, not preventing it.
• Cleaning – disinfectants won’t work if dirt is present. Clean all footwear and vehicles before disinfection.
• Disinfectants – use the right product for the job, at the correct concentration.
• Disinfectant pads – straw or carpet mats soaked in disinfectant may not fully sanitise vehicles or footwear. Use a

footbath / drive-through wash / high pressure sprayer for best results.
• Disinfection of vehicles. Consider installing a drive-through hoop sprayer in high-risk situations.

For more information contact:
Defra: 08459 33 55 77
Welsh Assembly Government: 02920 825 572
Scottish Executive: 08459 33 55 77

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