Ultra low biomass OSR is a first for breeder

A SEMI-DWARF fully restored hybrid is among the first three winter oilseed rape varieties to enter HGCA Recommended List trials for plant breeder Pioneer.

Named commercially as PR45D01, it is an ultra-low biomass type that has outyielded Disco by 10% in National List trials, says the firm”s Andrew Stainthorpe.

“It is typically 120cm tall, with excellent lodging resistance.” It has been produced with a dwarf line as one of its parents, but avoiding the high glucosinolates previously associated with the OGU-INRA technology, says Mr Stainthorpe.


In the firm’s own trials, it outperformed dwarf variety Lutin by 11.9%, and seed should be available for sowing next autumn, he adds. NIAB”s Simon Kightley believes the variety could rekindle interest in hybrids.

“Last year we were really impressed with the lodging resistance of PR45D01,” he says. “At one high-fertility site it was just about the only variety left standing.


“Every year I get enquiries from growers who want winter rape varieties with something special in the way of lodging resistance to suit their most fertile land, and trials we are conducting this year should simulate those situations.

“We are not promoting increased N usage. Instead we are trying to test PR45D01 to destruction to be able to offer some really robust agronomy advice.”