Very hot and dry in Kings Lynn

Ian Gaunt from Kings Lynn, Norfolk, was expecting to start harvesting oilseed rape tomorrow (18 July). He said despite the crops having only had 6mm rain since the end of May, the rape had just about survived.

“We won’t know until the combines go in to whether yields will have been affected, but I expect the oilseed rape will be alright.”

He said 520ha of Claire, Gladiator and Robigus winter wheat looked well and was pleased it had very little disease. But he was concerned it would be ready within the next two weeks because of the very hot and dry weather.

“Considering in early May we thought the wheat would be a week late, and now it is going to be a week early, we have lost two weeks growing somewhere.”

Mr Gaunt said some barley had been cut on lighter-land neighbouring farms across the river, but most farms were due to start this week.

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