West: Snow again

We finally had green fields last week and ground conditions were just getting to the point where we could travel. But, Friday afternoon saw snow flurries and about an inch fell. we then had sub zero temperatures over the weekend and yet more snow fell on Sunday, so now we’re back to square one.

Winter OSR: Some crawler was applied last week (fortunately there is no Kerb on farm to apply). Rape crops generally seem to have come through the cold snap intact and have opened up well, so as long as conditions allow we should be able to get the crawler to the target. Where there is no pigeon control the crops are being severely grazed, even where control options are in place it is a struggle but will pay off in the long run.

Winter Wheat: Approx 1000 acres left to apply any form of herbicide
(this will all be Othello), I can not see this being possible for some
time to come yet partly because of wet conditions but primarily due to
cold conditions. I will also need to apply Atlantis to the small area
of blackgrass and Broadway star for the farms with brome (either entire
fields or headlands). Some signs of manganese deficiency appearing on
lighter land which will need sorting as soon as we can travel.

Winter barley: I would love to say that I have spotted snow mould
but the fields were only clear of snow for about 4 days. Again crops
seem to have come through OK.

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