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Once the combines are rolling, harvest technique and timing can have an impact on wheat yield and quality, in the same way as weather and crop agronomy can. See how to prepare for both bumper and difficult harvests, how to manage the increased workload and what to consider as harvest approaches. Keeping a harvested wheat crop in the best condition, free of pests and diseases in store, is essential for the grain’s end market value.

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Video: Fungicide-free wheat hits 10t/ha

Nick Dymond’s unique cropping approach of not using fungicides or insecticides and a focus on crop nutrition has seen yields of his Extase winter wheat peak at 10t/ha. With specific weights…


Grower kick-starts wheat harvest to earn £30/t premium

Merseyside grower Olly Harrison was not only one of the first growers to start winter barley harvest, but is now also leading the charge to cut winter wheat, which is…


Q&A: How one farmer upgraded his grain dryer and storage

When it came to replacing and upgrading an outdated grain drying set up, one Oxfordshire farmer saw it as an opportunity for an attractive new income stream at the same…


How grain storage upgrade gave Sussex farm harvest flexibility

A £380,000 investment in a West Sussex farm’s grain drying and storage facilities has made a huge difference to harvest logistics, allowing it to cope with two combines in a…


Video: Hands Free Hectare - what next for the farming robots?

Excitement, pride, trepidation – just some of the feelings buzzing around a perfectly square hectare field in Shropshire as a driverless combine took its first bite of a crop that…


Lincs grower sets sights on 2018 wheat yield record attempt

Lincolnshire Wolds grower Tim Lamyman is planning to drill his winter wheat earlier this autumn in his quest to break the world wheat yield record, after falling short this summer.…

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Tips to achieve successful long-term grain storage

There are many factors to take into consideration when storing grain crops for the long term. Getting it wrong means quality will deteriorate, which can lead to significant financial losses.…


How to dry grain more efficiently in a wet harvest

With showery summers predicted to become more common, now is a good time to appraise grain-drying facilities and reinvest where necessary to help deal with any extreme seasons to come.…


How to prepare for ergot limits in cereals for harvest 2021

Growers need to prepare for new regulations covering maximum limits on ergot in cereals, to avoid loads being rejected by millers and merchants from harvest 2021 onwards.  The current 0.05%…


How to sample your grain on farm to get the top price

Grain sampling can be a problematic area causing friction between arable growers and grain traders when it comes to price deductions. Testing for moisture contents and specific weights can often…


Why fusarium risk is rising in wheat and how to manage it

With rising incidence of fusarium ear blight and changes to mycotoxin legal limits on the horizon, experts are advising wheat growers to adopt a more water-tight, integrated approach to minimising…


6 top tips to minimise compaction at harvest

Climate predictions indicate that for the next 20 years there is a 35-40% chance of a wetter-than-average summer, giving rise to the potential for disrupted and challenging harvests. Aside from…


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Variety verdict: Top-performing wheats and barleys of 2021

The combination of plants already under stress and a disease explosion that hit crops in late spring and early summer is thought to be behind the discrepancies seen in wheat…


How data analytics can help identify marginal farmland

The power of data analytics in improving decision making about future land use is being highlighted by a project at AHDB’s Strategic Farm East to use data to identify marginal…


Harvest 2021: The 5 top-yielding winter wheat varieties map

Throughout the harvest season, we are updating our handy map with the latest data from 2021’s AHDB wheat Recommended List harvest results. Use the map below to find the five…


Can grain nutrient analysis improve fertiliser use?

Grain nutrient analysis offers growers an effective way to improve input efficiency by diagnosing potential nutrient deficiencies, so management plans can be tweaked accordingly. Acting a bit like a post-mortem, grain…


Analysis: Cost of extreme weather on 2020 crop performance

The weather extremes in the hugely difficult 2019-20 cropping season provided a unique test of crop performance, with some new winter wheat varieties showing promise. From some of the wettest…


Harvest 2020: The 5 top-yielding wheat varieties map

Throughout the harvest season, we are updating our handy map with the latest data from 2020’s AHDB wheat Recommended List harvest results. Use the map below to find the five…


Harvest verdict: Barley is the winner in mixed season

The 2019 harvest started in ideal dry conditions with winter barley growers reporting bumper crops coming off with good quality, some were even seeing yields well into double digits.    But…


Cereal varieties: Winners and losers at harvest 2018

During the 2018 cereal harvest, wheat varieties were more likely to perform slightly below their long-term averages than to exceed yield expectations.  That’s why most of the 2018 results shouldn’t…


Harvest verdict: OSR the big winner for 2017

Oilseed rape yields jumped sharply this summer as the weather seemed to suit the crop while the picture with wheat output was more regional. Prospects for the rapeseed crop edged…


Why 2017 was a bad lodging year and how to avoid it

Seasonal factors were the cause of much of the lodging that occurred in wheat and barley crops in 2017, rather than variety weaknesses or a decline in standards. Cereal growers…


Harvest 2017: The 5 top-yielding winter wheat varieties

Throughout the harvest season we’ll be updating this handy map with the latest data from this year’s AHDB winter wheat recommended list 2017 harvest results. Use the map below to find…

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