Yields pleasing in Lincolnshire

Adrian Howell at Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire, said harvest was “complete at last”, having been combining winter wheat for several weeks.

“It has been the wettest August for many years here. Yields and quality were good but drying costs have been high.”

From 700ha (1750acres) of wheat, Brompton, Zebedee, Alchemy and Gladiator all performed particularly well at 11-11.5t/ha (4.4-4.6t/acre). The average, including Cordiale and Einstein, was above the farm long-term average at 10.5t/ha (4.2t/acre).

Quality before the rain was very good, with bushel weights of 78-82kg/hl and high Hagbergs in excess of 300. Protein levels were 10.5-11.5%, but bushel weights were 72kg/hl after the rain.

Some wheat had been sold for seed. Mr Howell planned to grow Alchemy, Brompton and Zebedee again next year, but would also be trying some new varieties.

He added: “Overall this year I’ve been pleased with the yields, but disappointed with the weather.”

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Brompton, Zebedee, Alchemy, Gladiator, Cordiale, Einstein
• Area: 700ha (1750acres)
• Yield: 11-11.5tha Brompton, Zebedee, Alchemy, Gladiator. Overall average 10.5t/ha (4.2t/acre)
• Quality: Pre-rain bushel weights 78-82kg/hl, Hagbergs 300, protein 10.5-11.5%. After rain bushel weight 72kg/hl

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