Safety reminder for farmers to maintain trailers

Safety campaigners have urged farmers to use the quieter winter months to make sure their trailers are in good working order and properly maintained.

Agricultural trailers are legally required under PUWER 98 regulations to be in a roadworthy condition – well maintained and in good working order, with records of maintenance held by the owner.

Farm safety initiative Tilly Your Trailer runs a Tilly Pass inspection that farmers can use to make sure their trailer is safe on the roads.

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The test, which is backed by the Farm Safety Partnership and NFU Mutual, involves an 18-point inspection.

Trailer wheels are removed and the brake drums, linings, springs, backing plates, bushes and axles are inspected, cleaned and replaced if necessary.

Trailers that comply with safety regulations are given a Tilly Pass certificate, which is displayed on the tailgate.

The inspection costs about £160 for each trailer.

East Yorkshire contractor Richard Scholes used the inspection this month.

He shared pictures of the test and said on Twitter: “Mandatory testing on high road-usage agri equipment is something the industry needs to move towards.

“In the meantime, a Tilly test is a start towards our own commitment to safe, professional and accredited working practice.”

Regular safety checks

NFU Mutual’s John Heather said: “It’s a good time in the farming calendar to get farm trailers inspected to make sure they are safe and sound.

“We are delighted to be supporting the Tilly Pass because it makes it easy for farmers to get trailers that are not subject to an annual MOT inspected, showing they are safe and comply with HSE PUWER 98 safe use of work equipment.”