Tilly and NFU Mutual team up for trailer safety drive

Rural insurer NFU Mutual has teamed up with the Tilly Your Trailer to promote its trailer safety campaign.

Tilly Your Trailer is an 18-point inspection procedure and certificate aimed at ensuring trailers are properly maintained and serviced.

Farmer Jane Gurney, whose son Harry Christian-Allan was killed in a trailer accident in 2014, is the driving force behind a vital trailer safety campaign. Her son was killed during a summer job, when the trailer he was pulling caused him to crash.

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Over the past few months, NFU Mutual has been meeting to establish the best way forward for owners of trailers insured with the mutual to meet their legal obligations with the HSE PUWER 98 Regs – and most importantly their duty of care.

“We are proud to be working with Tilly’s #HeadtoTow campaign,” said an NFU Mutual spokesperson. “We have huge admiration for Jane Gurney who, through personal tragedy, has been the driving force behind this campaign.

“We also welcome the free daily checks app #HeadtoTow which will help people to maintain safety all year round.”

NFU Mutual sector lead for farming and agriculture David Harrison and the underwriters are updating the sector through their 300 UK agencies. All details on how to comply can be obtained at the Tilly Pass, as well as how to book trailers/muck spreaders for an inspection. 

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