Leaf starts hunt for new demonstration farmers

A competition has opened to give two farmers looking to burnish their sustainability credentials the opportunity to win three years of technical support while helping other farmers to progress.

Crop protection company Corteva and sustainable farming group Leaf have joined forces to find and train two new demonstration farmers.

Once selected, the two farmers will follow Leaf’s three-year Resilient and Ready training programme to help them implement sustainable farming measures in their own businesses.

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A Leaf spokesperson said that, depending on suitability and priorities, participating farmers would become Leaf Marque certified and be given state-of-the-art communications training.


How to apply

  • Farmers interested in applying will be required to complete an expression of interest form 
  • Shortlisted farmers will then complete an application form and an interview
  • There is no age limit to apply
  • Further information is available on the Leaf website 

Prospective demonstration farmers can learn more about the project this autumn at Discovery Events in the Scottish Borders and the south of England.

Discovery Events

This will provide them with the know-how, skills and confidence to become industry leaders in sustainable farming, Leaf added.

Alice Midmer, demonstration and innovation manager at Leaf, said the organisation wanted to hear from entrepreneurial farmers who had a mindset for change.

Applicants will already be thinking about how UK farmers can respond to challenges such as climate change, biodiversity, soil fertility, water scarcity and health, said Ms Midmer.

“They will have the vision, commitment and determination to learn new skills, to embrace the very latest thinking and make change happen,” she said.

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