Campaigners in live export protest

Hundreds of campaigners have protested in Ramsgate over the town’s port being used for live animal exports.

More than 300 residents and animal rights activists gathered in the town on Saturday (13 August) to show their opposition to a trade they claim is “cruel and unnecessary”.

The campaigners, led by animal rights pressure group Compassion in World Farming, gathered as part of a series of protests across the world against live export trade.

Joyce D’Silva, CIWF director of public affairs, said: “The long distance trade in animals is, sadly, a global phenomenon.

“But there is a global movement calling for an end to these horrendous journeys. Just a few hours after the Ramsgate march there were two demonstrations against this trade in Australia addressed by my Compassion colleague, Peter Stevenson.”

Ms D’Silva said the protest’s turnout reflected the strength of feeling against live exports.

She said more than 43,000 emails had been sent to MPs and councillors over the past two months complaining about the trade.

According to CIWF, calves are being transported from Cockermouth in Cumbria via the port in Ramsgate and on to Spain – a journey which is likely to take more than two days.

Last week port owners Thanet District Council wrote to the government over its opposition to it being used for live exports and to call for an eight-hour limit to live animal transport journeys.

The council is currently legally-bound to accept the trade.