CLA hits out at online tax return plan

Mandatory online tax returns will prove impossible for farmers and companies in broadband “not-spots”, according to the Country Land and Business Association.

The CLA said that HRMC’s decision to tell businesses with a turnover of more than £100,000 a year that they can only fill out their tax returns online is “absurd”.

CLA president William Worsley said: “With current broadband provision, this will be unworkable for some rural businesses.

“The government is keen to force people to process important documents such as tax returns online but it has yet to agree to a partnership with internet service providers that would provide cash for broadband to every door in the country. This is yet another example of rural businesses being disadvantaged.

“Until the needed investment the CLA has been calling for happens, it is absurd to roll out mandatory online form-filling.”

The CLA is calling for a minimum broadband speed of two megabits a second to every door in Britain by 2012.

HRMC has said that if you cannot complete your VAT return online, they will operate through your accountant or agent.

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