DEFRA announces board members of new levy boards

DEFRA has confirmed the appointment of the members of the sector companies of Levy Board UK.

In June last year UK agriculture ministers announced that there would be a radical restructuring of the statutory agricultural and horticultural levy bodies by 1 April 2008.

The existing five levy bodies, the British Potato Council, the Horticultural Development Council, the Home-Grown Cereals Authority, the Meat and Livestock Commission and the Milk Development Council will be replaced by one statutory levy body, currently known as Levy Board UK, and six sector companies. 

The six companies will be wholly owned subsidiaries of Levy Board UK and will cover the following sectors: Beef and Lamb (in England only), Cereals and Oilseeds, Horticulture, Milk, Pigs (in England only) and Potatoes.

The companies will be Companies Limited by Guarantee which will be set up in time for vesting day of the new levy body.

The Shadow board of Levy Board UK, consisting of the Chair Designate, six Chairs of the sector companies and three independents,  was appointed in February this year.

They agreed that an early priority for the project would be the appointment of the board members of the six sector companies so that they could start work on the companies’ business plans for 2008 onwards by late autumn.  

For further information about the reform of the current levy boards please see the following link:

The appointments will be up to three years from vesting day. Board members will be paid £250 per day plus reasonable travel expenses. They will work 1-2 days per month.


Beef and Lamb Sector (England) 

 Chair Designate: John Cross

• Charles Kingwill – Auctioneer Practitioner, Bristol 
• David Fleetwood – Processor Practitioner, Shropshire
• Simon Warren – Processor Practitioner, Northamptonshire
• Ryan Williams – Processor Practitioner, Northamptonshire
• Jonathan Barber – Farmer, Norfolk
• Francis Corbett – Farmer, Newcastle
• James Fanshawe – Farmer, Northamptonshire
• Stephen Hoskin – Farmer, Dorset
• Francis Momber – Farmer, Hampshire
• Alistair Mackintosh – Farmer, Cumbria
• Michael Powley – Farmer, N Yorks
• David Raine – Farmer, Cumbria
• Robert Pickard – Independent Member
• Kevin Swoffer – Independent Member


Cereals & Oilseed Sector (UK) 

 Chair Designate: Jonathan Tipples

• Ian Douglas – Merchant/Exporter with some interest in the bio-fuel market, Berwickshire
• Michael Hambly – Grain Co-ops/Farmer, Cornwall
• Arthur Hill – Farmer, Shropshire
• David Houghton – Farmer, Rossshire
• Charles Matts – Farmer, Northamptonshire
• Adrian Peck – Farmer, Cambridge
• Guy Smith – Farmer, Essex
• Radbourne Thomas – Farmer, Leicestershire
• Stewart Vernon – Farmer, County Durham
• Alexander Waugh – Miller, Surrey
• Colin West – Maltster, Essex
• John Pidgeon – Independent Member


Horticulture Sector (GB) 

 Interim Chair: Andrew Colquhoun

• John Adlam – Horticultural Business Advisor, Norfolk
• Ian Ashton – Nursery Director, Hampshire
• Peter Cornish – Farms Director , South Yorkshire
• Harriet Duncalfe –Soft fruit business, Cambridgeshire
• Nicholas Dunn – Managing Director Tree Nursery, Worcestershire
• Phillip Effingham – Technical & Development Director, Lincolnshire
• Gordon Flint  – Managing Director, Lincolnshire
• David Hand – Technical Director,  West Sussex
• Richard Hirst – Grower, Norfolk
• Tracy Hull – Protected Crops, Lincolnshire
• Mark Komatsu – Mushroom Grower, Wiltshire
• Carol Paris – Operations Director, North Somerset
• William Sibley – Fruit Tree Nurseryman & Grafter, Essex
• Paul Singleton – Independent Member

 Milk Sector (GB)

 Chair Designate Tim Bennett

• Kevin Beaty – Farmer, Cumbria
• Kenneth Campbell – Farmer, Kirkcudbrightshire
• Neil Cutler – Farmer, Hampshire
• Richard Davis  – Farmer, Bedfordshire
• Julia Hawley  – Farmer, Leicestershire
• David Homer – Farmer, Wiltshire
• Stewart Jamieson – Farmer, Dumfriesshire
• Trevor Lloyd – Farmer, Anglesey
• Arthur Reeves – Processor, Bristol,
• Jonathan Vickers – Independent Member
• Iain Martin           –  Independent Member


Pig Sector (England) 

 Chair Designate: Stewart Houston

 • Adam Couch  – Processor, East Yorkshire
• Steve Crossley  – Processor, West Yorkshire
• Jon Easey – Farmer, Suffolk
• John Godfrey – Farmer, Humberside
• John Hughes – Processor, Cambridgeshire
• Richard Longthorp – Farmer, Humberside
• John Rowbottom –  Farmer, North Yorkshire
• Mike Sheldon – Farmer, Buckinghamshire
• Meryl Ward – Farmer, Lincolnshire
• Clive Francis – Independent Member

Potato Sector (GB) 

 Chair Designate Janet Bainbridge

 • Tony Bambridge – Grower, Norfolk
• Colin Bradley – Grower, Lancashire
• Jim Cruickshank – Grower, Aberdeenshire
• Rob Doig – Grower, Perth
• Graham Nichols – Grower, Gloucestershire
• Tim Papworth – Grower, Norfolk
• David Rankin – Grower, Perth
• Fraser Scott – Grower, Berwickshire
• Alex Stephens – Grower, Cornwall
• Duncan Worth – Grower, Lincolnshire
• Nick Vermont – Processor representative, North Yorkshire
• William Tapp – Grower/packer, Kent
• Fiona Fell – Independent Member
• Dennis Heywood – Independent Member

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