Defra online upgrade will block older farm computer systems

Farmers with older computer operating systems could find that access to the Cattle Tracing Service and other Defra online tools is blocked from 1 April.

Defra warned users that upgraded security measures meant the online Government Gateway would no longer support certain operating systems and browsers.

These include Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Internet Explorer 6 and 7.

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But Defra said other more recent operating systems and browsers might need reconfiguring to ensure they work with an encryption service known as TLS 1.2.

Will you be able to access Defra services after 1 April?

  • No Internet Explorer version 7 or lower is not compatible
  • No Windows XP or Windows Vista – your operating system is not compatible
  • Maybe Internet Explorer versions 8, 9 or 10 – you may need to check your configuration
  • Yes Internet Explorer version 11 is compatible

Defra has urged farmers to check whether their software is compatible as soon as possible because the upgrade affects a wide range of services including Defra SignOn & SignOn Admin; AMLS2; ESP Seedcert; CTS Online; and Sheep and Goat ETAS.

The department has also issued guidance on the website with steps farmers can follow to establish whether their computer software is compatible.

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