Design opens window for milk brand

An innovative milk carton featuring a transparent window is the main feature behind a campaign by Highgrove Foods to lift sales of its Breakfast Milk brand.

Previously the brand had been sold in plastic bottles and the inclusion of a window on a milk carton is a first for the UK dairy industry.

Using Guernsey and Jersey whole milk supplied by Milk Link, Breakfast Milk is promoted by Highgrove Foods as a premium brand.

Research carried out in conjunction with the MDC over the last two years has shown the cow to be the best way to differentiate the Jersey and Guernsey products, hence the doe-eyed Jersey on the front of the pack.

The new carton also improves the shelf life of the milk, increasing its appeal to small stores and forecourt shops.

Highgrove Foods estimates that the new carton and the re-launch will, potentially, double sales of the brand.


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