FFA says retailers must acknowledge that farmers are not getting a fair deal

Farmers For Action has challenged the retail giants to publicly accept that farmers are not getting a fair deal and to address the problem immediately.

The organisation has also warned that further protests and activities are being looked at, after a summit meeting involving five other organisations.

The summit was attended by FFA, the National Sheep Association, the Farmers Union of Wales, NIAPA, Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association and Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers Association (ICSFA).

FFA has said there was unanimous agreement on a course of further action to drive home the message that farmers are not receiving a fair share of the retail price for key products such as dairy, beef and lamb.

“One thing that has become clear is that consumers want farmers to get a just price for their products. In fact one poll showed that 78% of consumers are willing to pay more,” said FFA leader, David Handley.

Mr Handley added that there was a commitment from all the organisations to co-operate further.