Financial Discipline cash heading back to farmers

Farmers will shortly receive a small payment from the Rural Payments Agency relating to their 2018 claims.

Each year the European Commission applies what is known as a Financial Discipline Mechanism (FDM) to the Basic Payment Scheme budget, to create a reserve which can be used to support the farming industry in times of crisis.

If the money goes unspent, it is returned to farmers in the following scheme year.

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The Rural Payments Agency has confirmed that FDM reimbursements for farmers with a 2018 BPS claim worth more than €2,000 (£1,775) will start in mid-September.

A farmer with a claim value of €30,000 (£26,600), with no reductions applied, should receive a payment in the region of £335.

Payment calculation

The amount is calculated by taking the full value of a farmer’s claim, removing the first €2,000 and any reductions if they apply (other than cross-compliance penalties), then multiplying this by 1.364%.

Farmers are paid the resulting amount, minus  5% for any cross-compliance penalties.

The payment will be noted as ‘FDM reimbursement’ on the remittance advice, which will be sent after a payment is made.

Payments relating to the 2019 BPS scheme year are scheduled to start on 2 December.