Hunt to the rescue as boar escape Devon farm

A local hunt was called in this week to help round up 60 wild boar on the run in Devon.

Animal extremists were thought to be behind the release of about 100 boar from Woodland Wild Boar Farm, West Anstey.

Forty were caught within days but the rest proved more elusive.

First sign of the release was early on Thurs, 29 Dec when locals spotted boar on the road between Bampton and Newbridge.

By Tues, 3 Jan, two animals had roamed as far as Plymouth, 40 miles away.

Farmer Alan Dedames said he was “totally numb and in shock”, adding: “Damage to the fence and pens must be about 3000 and loss of stock could run to thousands.

“All I know is I’ve got wild boar roaming the area and I’ve been told they will be shot if they can’t be caught.”

As Farmers Weekly went to press, Dulverton Hunt was trying to track and capture the animals amid warnings that the boar and dogs could become locked in a savage fight.