Labour Party conference 2008

The Labour Party conference 2008 was held in Machester, from 20th – 24th September. Topics discussed: GM crops, Food security and bluetongue vaccinations.

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Gordon Brown David Milliband

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Forum discussion: Labour Party conference

Caroline Stocks:

I’m in Manchester at the moment for the Labour Party conference and I’ve just spent the last few hours following DEFRA secretary Hilary Benn to various fringe meetings and Q&A sessions.

It felt like he said a lot in all that time, but now I’m writing my notes back I’ve realised there wasn’t a great deal of substance to what he said – I’m tempted to say he was being a typical politician but I’m trying not to be cynical…

He did give a ringing endorsement of Gordon Brown though – I suppose that means he hasn’t got his eye on the top job Emoticon confused

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