Low carbon egg brand shows impressive sales in Asda

Sales of the first UK brand of low carbon eggs have proved so impressive that Stonegate Farmers is increasing its investment in the brand with a £0.5m marketing spend planned for 2008.

Following its launch in June 2007, Respectful Eggs has enjoyed outstanding success with sales going from strength to strength, consistently outperforming the egg category,” said Richard Cannock, sales director at Stonegate. “Sales have reached £1.5m in under a year of trading.

“Volume growth has been five times the rate of the market which is a fantastic result after only eight months’ trading.

“Respectful Eggs are at the forefront of the egg category in driving a strong environmental agenda. Having first trialled them in select ASDA stores, they are now available in all stores as an alternative to standard free-range eggs without incurring a price premium,” said Mr Cannock.

Emma Fox, commercial director for food at ASDA, added: “We are proud to be the first supermarket in the world to sell low carbon eggs for which shoppers don’t have to pay a price premium. A truly fantastic innovation in a commodity area, which proves sustainability can be affordable.”

Respectful Eggs are produced on farms powered by carbon-neutral, renewable energy sources such as wind turbines and solar panels. These methods reduce the amounts of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere and help to prevent the acceleration of global warming and climate change, said Mr Cannock.