Farming crisis attracts national media attention

The crisis facing Britain’s farmers has hit the national media, after a series of protests in supermarkets where producers have cleared the shelves of milk and lamb.

Many of the major broadcasters and national and regional newspapers have now picked up on the fact that falling prices mean many farmers are currently being paid less than the cost of production.

They have also seen how videos made by protesters have gone viral on social media channels.

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Here’s how the media has reported the situation so far:

ITV News – Farmers drain supermarket shelves in milk price protest

The Mirror – Milk Trolley Challenge: farmers milk supermarkets dry in price protests

BBC News – Milk protest at Morrisons see farmers clear shelves

BBC News – Milk protests at supermarkets in Kilmarnock and Ayr

Channel 4 News – Milk Trolley Challenge – Farmer protests produce prices

The Metro – Farmers clear supermarkets of milk to protest the price of the white stuff

The Express – Dairy farmers strip Britain’s supermarkets of milk in price protests