More protests over EID expected, says NFUS

Brussels will see more civil disobedience on the streets by the end of the year unless the European Commission agrees to compromises in the existing legislation for electronic identification of sheep (EID), according to NFU Scotland.

Speaking at the Royal Highland Show, NFUS president Jim McLaren said the argument for more protests had already been won in the UK.

“Protests will be most effective in Europe and judging by this week’s demonstrations there’s enough passion there,” he said.

“But the detail and timing is still to be decided.”

Mr McLaren added that it had been premature to put the UK proposal for compromises to the legislation to the Council of Agriculture Ministers in Luxembourg this week.

“It was too much too soon,” he said.

“But the fight goes on. Almost half the sheep in Europe are in countries which are now arguing for compromises to the legislation and the aim is to get Spain, Italy or France on side.

“We need a majority of countries on board.”