Muller seeks to drive dairy sales with Olympic partnership

Muller is set to launch a high-profile promotional campaign based around sport, after being unveiled as an official Team GB partner for the Rio 2016 Olympics.

The Shropshire-based dairy will seek to capitalise on the excitement surrounding the next Olympic Games in a bid to boost sales.

The partnership means Muller will have Team GB marketing rights across their brands, which include Muller Corner, Mullerlight and Muller Rice, from now until the end of 2016.

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Consumers will have the chance to win Team GB experiences in the build-up to the Rio with on-pack promotions across Muller’s portfolio.

The company will also be sponsoring a programme of countrywide Team GB Live Sites, providing an array of unique experiences to fans.

Muller Dairy managing director Bergen Merey said: “We have a long history of making great products in Britain with milk produced by British dairy farmers for people who love yogurts and chilled dairy puddings throughout the UK, and exciting plans for the future.

“Working with Team GB is a natural fit for us and gives us an excellent opportunity to underline our commitment and ambition to excellence in Britain as we look ahead to Rio in 2016.

Agricultural communications specialist Amy Jackson said the decision by Muller to partner with the Olympics was a brilliant opportunity.

“There has been lots of positive work done by the Dairy Council, funded by organisations such as AHDB Dairy, into the relationship between sport and consuming dairy products,” she said.

“What it also shows is that the investment the brands are putting into dairy is massive, which is a real positive.”