Need to renew right to bypass standstill rules

FARMERS IN Scotland who had authorised separation agreements, which allowed them to bypass the 13-day standstill period on their farm if they introduced new stock, have been reminded that they will have to reapply if they want the agreement to continue.

Until this year, the agreements, introduced in the wake of the 2001 foot-and-mouth outbreak, rolled on from one year to the next, if a producer”s circumstances had not changed.

But this year, all the agreements were terminated on Mar 31 and the Scottish Executive has told farmers that they must apply for a new separation agreement.

Under the agreements, animals brought on to the farm are held separately from other stock already there, allowing the 13-day rule to apply only to the newly introduced livestock.

Application forms to apply for a new separation agreement are available on the Scottish Executive”s website, or from local offices.