New career as pig farmer for office worker

A young office worker has overcome the hurdles of access to land and capital to become a pig farmer.

Lucy Hollands is a 28 year old from East Sussex, who over the course of five years has gone from office worker with a few hundred pounds savings to managing 350 rare breed pigs on 40 acres of woodland with her own farm shop.

She had no farming credentials and started out like most of her generation – school, university and straight into a dead-end office job to pay off her student debt.

But that didn’t last long, five years ago, Lucy dropped everything and overnight she went from white-collar worker to aspiring pig farmer.

A three day pig keeping course gave her the basics; an acre of a friend’s woodland gave her some land to work with and some savings bought her 50 rare breed pigs.

Her philosophy was simple and proactive – “if you don’t ask you don’t get”.

In a series of short films we take you through how Lucy started out, why she wanted to be a farmer, her approach to the business of keeping pigs and why she was determined to build a farm shop.

You can watch ‘part 1: starting out’ below.

‘Part 2: why farming’ will follow soon.

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