NFU Scotland lists its priorities for the next government

Election hopefuls have set out their plans for the future of farming and the environment, but what do industry organisations think the next government should tackle? Here the NFU Scotland sets out what it thinks the priorities should be.

Climate change, food security and energy should be priorities for whoever wins the general election, says NFU Scotland.

Setting out the union’s political wish list, president Jim McLaren said Scottish and UK farmers needed fairness in the food chain if they were to continue to produce safe, high quality and sustainable food.

To achieve this, it was vital the next government continued to push through plans to create a supermarket ombudsman, he said.

Politicians also needed to ensure future policies were properly integrated to take into account land use, sustainable production and consumption, Mr McLaren said.

The future CAP needed to focus on productive agriculture and provide support to land owners who were actively producing food, while devolving animal health and welfare policy to Scotland while leaving the budget with DEFRA needed to be addressed urgently, he added.

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