Deadline approaching for Arla-McDonald’s £500,000 grant

Time is running out for Arla UK members to apply for a £10,000 business improvement grant from McDonald’s.

The restaurant chain’s £500,000 capital grant scheme was launched in March to support the British dairy farmers who supply it through Arla.

But the deadline is 31 October and Arla Foods is urging its members to apply for funding as soon as possible.

Funding is available for investments that produce:

  • economic benefits for farm businesses
  • better animal welfare conditions
  • environmental improvements

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So far, the scheme has paid out more than £156,000 to 19 farmers around the UK.

Among them are Lancashire farmer Ian Pye, Derbyshire-based David Dilks and Shropshire organic farmer Chris Jerman.

Mr Pye was awarded £5,000 to help improve animal welfare across his herd with a range of new equipment, while Mr Dilks replaced a 1km section of worn cow track.

In Shropshire Mr Jerman used a £10,000 grant to improve the welfare of his cattle with a new cow shed.

He said that he had been struggling to get funding to improve the new building from other sources.

“I’ve applied for Defra grants before but the process for McDonald’s was much simpler.”

The new cow shed is easier to clean than its predecessor; has an open ridge ventilation system to improve air circulation; and contains a safer cattle-handling set up.

Mr Jerman added: “This investment goes much further than a new piece of technology, it’ll be a part of my farm for the next 50 years.”

McDonald’s capital grant scheme

The capital grant scheme is part of McDonald’s Farm Forward programme, which aims to develop skills and knowledge, raise animal welfare standards and make environmental improvements.

Round two is open for applications from Arla’s farmer-owners not on a retailer/foodservice aligned contract.

Entries can be submitted online via the Arla farmers’ website. All applications must be completed by midnight on 31 October 2018.