Pig prices up, but costs remain high

The Deadweight Adjusted Pig Price put on a further 1.3p to 146.35p/kg in the week ending 27 April, writes FW commentator Peter Crichton.

Tulip followed suit by adding a further penny to its shout price, leading to similar increases from all the other major players, apart from Cranswick which remained at 146p/kg, as shown below.

• Woodheads: 150p/kg

• Gills: 149p/kg

• Tulip: 148p/kg

• Vion: 147p/kg

• Cranswick: 146p/kg

Spot bacon sellers had a relatively quiet day with most prices remaining at stand on levels anywhere between 148p/kg and 152p/kg according to specification.

However, buyers should be reminded that pig supplies are tight and as soon as retail demand recovers there may not be enough to go round in four weeks’ time.

The poor performance of the euro, which traded on Friday (27 April) worth 81.6p, has done nothing to help either as far as foreign pigmeat imports are concerned or on the cull sow export front.

Most cull sow export buyers managed to hold at similar levels although there were signs of the odd penny or two being taken out in places with bids generally in the 124-128p/kg range, according to specification.

The weaner market remains selective with the latest Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board 30kg ex-farm weaner average slipping to £45.35/head and this sector is still suffering from a lack of finishing space as well as eye wateringly expensive feed with ex-farm wheat traded at £170/t.

Compound finishing rations are now being quoted by some of the main feed suppliers at £225/t and more in places.

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