PorkWatch keeps eye on labels

THE GROUP set up by the National Pig Association to monitor pork labelling is about to complete its second survey of 400 supermarkets.

PorkWatch was established to promote improved differentiation of British pork and pork products and to fights misleading labelling.

Richard Lister told Pig and Poultry Fair visitors that in PorkWatch‘s first survey the penetration of the Quality Standard Mark failed to reach expectations.

This was particularly so in Somerfield, Asda and Morrisons, he said.

But he added that during the survey Morrisons had stopped promoting the mark for a time and it was now using it again.

“But a key part of the initiative’s aim is to praise those promoting the quality mark well. In the first survey the co-op, Budgens and Tesco did well,” he said.
“In the second survey, we are hoping to see improvements in the way retailers are presenting British product.”

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