Research reveals chicken campaign success

More than 68% of consumers say it’s important that they only eat UK produced chicken according to the British Chicken Marketing’s annual MORI tracking research.

Even more positive is 22% of consumers are looking for the Red Tractor when buying chicken, compared to 20% last year and 16% in 2003.

Adopted as BCM’s logo from the first year of the campaign in 2004 the Red Tractor is now recognised by half of all shoppers. 

“People are becoming increasingly interested about the provenance of the food they eat – and this is especially true of meat, with many wanting the reassurance of knowing it was reared and produced to the high standards of our own British farms,” said Charles Bourns, BCM chairman. 

Mr Bourns explained that: “The increasing trend for locally-sourced foods”, has proved beneficial to the British poultry industry with production of UK chicken increasing from “15 million birds each week to 17 million”.