Research suggest ways to adapt to climate change

A new research project will look at ways farmers can adopt a “no regrets” approach to tackling climate change.

The project, led by Dominic Moran from the Scottish Rural University College, will explore the economic viability of certain farming measures that aim to combat climate change.

“No regrets measures are the things that are good to do whatever the climate future,” said Prof Moran.

“So, some farmers might want to consider the types of plants or animals they are producing; are they robust with regards to drought or flood? Or they might want to allow a bit of land to flood as a way of saving themselves from more damaging floods on the whole farm.”

The effect of climate change was already affecting farmers, as was seen with the extreme weather of 2012, he said. The project aims to give farmers ideas on how to change their farming practices to tackle the effect of climate change.

The project is being funded through a £75,000 grant from the Committee on Climate Change – the independent body that advises the UK government – and results will be reported to the committee in April 2013.

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