Tax help for businesses hit by foot and mouth

Businesses affected by the foot and mouth outbreak will receive help to meet their tax obligations.

HM Revenue and Customs said it had taken a number of steps, including suspending debt collection proceedings and defering collection of taxes, to help those impacted by the outbreak.


A helpline has also been set up to offer tax help and advice to businesses affected.

An HMRC spokesman said there was help for anyone directly or indirectly affected by the foot and mouth outbreak.

“Each case will be assessed separately,” he added.

Welcome move

Livestock hauliers and dairy and carcass transporters welcomed the move.

Speaking to Road Transport magazine, livestock haulier Gordon Gilder Transport said it was set to lose £50,000 a week due to the ban on moving livestock.

Defra delay

Other hauliers complained of losing more money after Defra delayed in sending out the necessary haulage certificates once certain products were declared safe for export.

And it’s not just businesses which deal directly with livestock who have been dealt a financial blow because of the foot and mouth outbreak.

‘Seriously threatened’

Cheese producer Long Clawson Dairy said it was likely to permanatly lose business after hundreds of thousands of pounds of cheese destined for the United States could not be shipped.

Delays in sending out the necessary health certificates by Defra to allow the cheese to leave the UK meant the dairy’s overseas business was being “seriously threatened”, according to sales manager Martin Harris.


Rosette maker Andrew Kirtley also expressed concern over the future of his business as a result of the foot and mouth outbreak.

Mr Kirtley said he was set to lose half the income from his business, Rheidol Rosettes, this year because of the disease.

Cancelled orders

“We sell about 50,000 rosettes each year, and about 20,000 of them are sold in August during the show season,” he said.

“We have already had several shows cancelled, and we are getting phone calls every two hours cancelling orders.”

For more on the foot and mouth outbreak see the FWi special report

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