Win a trip to Canada to talk food security

Are you aged 18-25 and would like to win an all-expenses trip to Canada in August to discuss the issue of food security with like-minded people?

Young people from across the UK are being offered the chance to share their ideas about how agriculture can secure global food supplies as part of an international conference on feeding the world.

The first Youth Ag Summit, organised by young farmers organisation 4-H Canada, is inviting more than one hundred 18-25-year olds to Canada to discuss how to feed the world’s growing population.

Delegates from 20 countries including Australia, India and China will gather in Calgary, Alberta from 19-25 August to hear from scientists and business leaders about the challenges and opportunities facing farmers in their efforts to produce more food.

The young people will then share their own ideas and come up with a plan of how global agriculture can secure sustainable food supplies in the face of diminishing resources.

Thanks to conference sponsor Bayer CropScience, a person from the UK will win an all-expenses-paid place at the summit to have their say on the role agriculture can play in tackling one of the world’s biggest challenges.

Through group discussions, speeches and tours, the lucky winner will learn about the challenges facing other countries and have a chance to come up with a solution to a global problem.

For a chance to win a place at the conference, entrants must write a 1,400-word article or produce a five-minute video on whether farming is doing enough to tackle national and global food security.

As well as discussing what food security is and the issues surrounding it, entries must come up with solutions and strategies for dealing with and overcoming the problem.

A version of the winning article or video will be published by Farmers Weekly and will be used to help form the basis of the seven-day summit.

Andrew Orme, head of Bayer CropScience’s UK business said the conference was a way to inspire young people to see if they can make a difference and bring agriculture to the forefront of the global food security challenge.

“If the world is to have healthy, nutritious food then the next generation needs to understand the challenges and opportunities being faced around the world so they can adapt and react to them.

“No one person, company or nation holds the answers, but through discussion and collaboration the young people at the summit could find agricultural solutions that can be realistically acted upon. One revolutionary idea could make history.”

How to enter:

To win an all-expenses place at the Youth Ag-Summit, entrants must write a 1,400-word article or produce a five minute video answering the question: “Is farming doing enough to tackle food security on a national and global scale?”

The article or video must discuss the factors affecting national and global food security, as well as identifying opportunities and strategies for overcoming food security issues.

Entries will be judged by Farmers Weekly, Bayer CropScience and David Gardner, chief executive of RASE. The overall winner will be selected from a shortlist of three following a final telephone interview.

An abridged version of the entry will be published by Farmers Weekly.

Articles or links to your YouTube video must be emailed to by Friday 1 March and should be accompanied by a high-quality photograph of the entrant.

For more information visit or Alternatively keep up to date on the conference on Facebook and on Twitter.

Could you be the UK’s World Ag Summit representative?

Entries must be from people aged between 18 and 25 who are passionate about agriculture, environmental stewardship, food, world hunger, or biotechnology. The winner must be a good communicator who is happy to work with people from a range of cultures. Public speaking skills are an asset.