Autocommand T8 tractor appears in first show

New Holland was showing the Autocommand (CVT) version of its US-built T8 tractors for the first time at Cereals. The six-model line-up goes from 273hp to 419hp and NH reckons the biggest of these – the T8.420 – is now the most powerful CVT tractor on the market.

Interestingly, it now means that the biggest T8 model now musters more horsepower than the smallest one in NH’s T9 articulated-steer range. The 419hp it gets from its 8.7 litre FPT engine even makes big artics from the late 1970s like the FW60 (360-400hp) look a bit short of power.

All T8 models also get a 500mm longer wheelbase to improve stability and traction. However the topmost model gets a 1m longer wheelbase and a new 125mm bar axle, making for a hefty 3.55m wheelbase.

There’s also an option to fit big 900/60 R42 rear tyres to improve traction and drive comfort.

In the cab, the Sidewinder armrest-mounted controls will be familiar to anyone with a T6 or T7-range tractor and there’s a choice of 40kph eco and 50kph gearboxes.

The T8.360 model on the stand at Cereals has a list price of £174,645.

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