Cereals 2014: Bridgestone announces new premium VT tractor tyres

Bridgestone used the Cereals event to announce a new range of premium tractor tyres called VT Tractor.

While all radial agricultural tyres previously manufactured by the Bridgestone Group were sold under the Firestone brand, this newly developed tyre will be branded as Bridgestone to compete at the premium end of the agricultural tyre segment.

It’s VF rated, which means that the sidewalls are good at flexing and that it can run at lower pressures for the same load. There’s also 26% more lug area to improve traction.

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Sizes from 28in to 42in will be on offer and all can be put on standard rims, so there’s no need to change your wheels to get the benefits.

Preliminary tests done in March 2014 by the DLG showed that the VT-Tractor allows farmers to work faster in the field and cover up to 0.9ha more than its competitors over a 10 hour period, claims the company. It also generated fuel savings of up to 36 litres/50ha compared with competitors, it says.

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