Cereals 2014: Horsch revamps Joker disc cultivator

Farmers shelling out on a pricey set of discs are now wanting more than a tool that just trundles behind the combine to get a blackgrass chit.

That’s where Horsch says its new 6m Joker RT comes in. By adding a set of hydraulically adjustable levelling boards on the front and a double packer on the back, the maker says it can now be used for secondary cultivations.

The sprung levelling boards can work to a depth of about 8cm and the narrow 12.5m disc spacing means all soil should be moved. The double steel disk packer then consolidates the soil, making a seed-bed that’s suitable for min-till drills such as the Pronto.

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To make it easier to get through tight gateways and give the soil chance to settle, Horsch has also moved the transport wheels to the middle of the chassis.

The 6m Joker RT with levelling boards and double packer costs £46,800. There are also 8m, 10m and 12m options, but the latter two are too big to come with the levelling board option.