Cereals 2019: Razorback launches prototype mower and straw rake duo

Mzuri might be best known for its strip-till drills, but with a hedgecutter and rotary mower in its line-up, it’s as much into undergrowth management as arable establishment.

To cut any confusion between the two sides of the business and appeal to a broader range of dealers, the firm has now created a separate brand called Razorback.

Currently, this is home to just the hedgecutter and mower, but more machines are set to follow.

These include a new prototype mower and straw rake combination, which was being shown at Cereals for the first time. This is designed primarily for stubble management ahead of strip-till or no-till drilling.

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According to the firm, the combination of mowing and aggressive raking provides robust slug control and creates ideal conditions for a stale seed-bed.

It’s said to be particularly effective in oilseed rape stubbles, where slugs can have a field day.

In this situation, the mower completely smashes the slug-harbouring stalks, while the rake lifts and loosens the residue, helping it to dry out.

The trailed rake is attached to the mower via a hitch mounted on a swan-neck that’s bolted onto the mower deck. This can be added to existing mowers, making it simple for customers to upgrade.

At the moment there’s just a 5.27m version, which has a list price of £45,750 – £28,750 for the mower and £17,000 for the rake. However, there will soon be a 7.5m option.


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