Grassland UK: Deere and Goweil wrap up bales

Deere was showing its variable-chamber baler-wrapper for the first time in the UK.

The company usually does things in-house, but for this project it got together with Austrian bale-wrapper specialist Goweil.

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Called the G5040 Kombi Ready, it is available on any 900-series baler with a fast-release system.

Goweil makes the wrapper and chassis; the baler is then fitted by a Deere dealer minus its own axle, drawbar and bale discharge ramp.

Workrate is the same as on the 900-series baler so, while one bale is being wrapped on the table, another one is being made in the chamber.

It is mainly likely to appeal to contractors, says the company.

Price has not been set yet, but the Kombi is intended to be a high-output machine so don’t expect a bargain-basement price-tag.