Livestock 2013: Chop your ration costs with Rotogrind

A new machine could reduce the time taken to mix TMR and improve cow rations. Made by Rotogrind Hammer Mills in the USA, Rotogrind is being distributed by Enegis, Warwickshire.

The machine can process 8-40t, depending on the material, within one hour. Feed can then be transferred into a mixing wagon, where no further chopping is required. It is able to process long fibres such as straw to 5-10cm (2-4 inches) in length, although chop length can be adjusted manually as low as 4cm (1.5 inches).

The system reduces HP requirement and wear on diet feeders, saves time and saves about £880-worth of fuel a month (based on a 250-cow herd), Enegis says.

Trials show it also improves diet consistency and prevents sorting of materials, increasing performance and cow health.

Prices start at £18,000.

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