VIDEO: Technology helps improve dairy cow fertility

A new dairy breeding management service based on state-of-the-art heat detection and data processing could help improve dairy cow fertility.

The PinPoint system – which will be available to customers of Cogent Breeding, Dairy Daughters and World Wide Sires UK – uses advanced three-dimensional motion monitoring technology to increase the accuracy of heat detection. This is then integrated with herd fertility analysis and ongoing technical support.

The system could help improve the average UK herd calving index by a full 21-day cycle within the first 18 months of use and then take fertility management to a sustainably higher level in many dairy herds, according to the group product manager, Michael Jones.

“Less than one in five UK dairy herds currently uses any kind of activity monitor to assist with heat detection, and yet the concept is proven as a way to improve accuracy and therefore increase submission rates significantly,” he explains. “While the average submission rate in 2007 was 45%, use of an effective activity monitor as part of herd reproductive management can lift this.”

Each activity collar will cost £90, with costs reduced depending on numbers bought. This is also the only activity monitor with a replaceable battery.

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