Baked Gooseberry Custard

Serves 3-4

570ml (1 pint) whole milk

1 large egg

3 tablespoons caster sugar

700g (1½lb) green gooseberries, topped and tailed

  • Pour the milk in a bowl and whisk in the whole egg. Add two tablespoons or more of sugar to taste. If you want individual portions then place some gooseberries at the bottom of each ramekin and sprinkle with sugar or use a pie dish and again place the gooseberries at the bottom. (Reserve some gooseberries). Pour over the milk mixture, cover loosely with foil and place in your coolest oven (85C) overnight. In the morning take the gooseberry custard out of the oven you will find that it has sunk, due to the long, slow cooking. Leave in the fridge until you require to eat them. For serving and good presentation, finely slice some reserved gooseberries and place on the top. Sprinkle with sugar and put under a grill to caramelise. Delicious served with cream.

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