Casterbridge Cotswold lamb applauded by top chefs

Lamb produced in the Cotswolds was today (19 October) showcased to some of the top chefs in the UK, including celebrity chef Brian Turner.

It marked the launch of Casterbridge Cotswold lamb, a product supplied by some 50 farmers from the Cotswolds, who set up their farming group about 30 years ago.

Speaking at the launch of Fairfax Meadow Casterbridge Cotswold Lamb, Park Lane, London, Mr Turner explained how important not only consistency, taste and tenderness was but also provenance. “People want to know where their food comes from and it is a great selling point,” he added.

Speaking to Farmers Weekly, Mr Turner also explained how important it was for chefs to work with groups such as Cotswold Lamb. “When you know the farmer directly there can be a two-way dialogue. If, for example, the product is not to my specification, then I know I can pick up the phone and find out what is going on. It is good to give feedback and that’s what allows both parties to progress.

“I am not interested in the technicalities of how the meat is produced, but I do like to know my meat is produced to the best welfare standards,” he said.

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