7 photos of cows being the coolest farm animals

Cows are arguably the coolest animals on the farm.

From the way they casually chew their cud, to that doe-eyed look of love they give you in the parlour every day.

To celebrate our bovine friends’ udderly cool credentials, we asked our readers to share their favourite cow photos, from the cute to the funny and everything in between.

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Seven winners were chosen, each winning a temperature humidity index meters courtesy of Cargill.

These THI meters can monitor the conditions in a cattle shed to indicate when cows are experiencing heat stress.

With more than 260 entries, selecting seven favourites wasn’t easy.

Here are the top shots.

1. Jumping for joy

Cow at spring turnout

Rachel Smith took this fun shot in March when the cows were being turned out on the farm in Leicestershire.

2. Down time

Baby with calf

This super-cute photo of baby Sadie with her favourite calf was entered by Mark Fitton.

3. Highland roadblock

Child on tractor with Highland calf

More little farmer cuteness with Rory and his new Highland calf.

The photo was entered by his dad, Darren Crockford.

4. Chill time

Cow in water trough

This is one cool cow.

Wiltshire-based Katie Gough took this snap while bringing the cows in.

5. Like mother, like daughter

Cow and calf

This rather sweet photo of little and large was uploaded by Jenni Lewis.

6. Bovine beauty

Farm Manger with cows

This wonderful shot was entered by Rhonda Newsham of the Drimnin Estate in north-west Scotland.

It shows farm manager John Davidson admiring the view with his cow companions.

7. Happy Herefords

Father and son with Herefords

Susan James entered this joyful photo of father and son taking a rather laid back approach to halter training.