Final chance to win £500 by completing farmworker survey

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There are just hours left to complete Farmers Weekly’s farmworker survey and put yourself in the running to win £500.

The deadline for survey forms is today (4 June).

In the first survey of its kind Farmers Weekly wants to uncover farmworker opinion to help understand the working conditions, needs and career aspirations of the men and women who are in the front line of farming.

We want you to take this opportunity to tell industry leaders how you feel about the role of the farmworker in the 21st century.

The idea was proposed by the current Farmers Weekly Farmer of the Year Nick Padwick, who has been invited to take over as guest editor for a forthcoming issue of the magazine.

“While I’m in the hot seat, I want to focus on how we encourage young people to see farming as a vital and exciting business sector, and one they want a future career in,” said Mr Padwick, farm manager for The Co-operative Farms’ Stoughton Estate in Leicestershire.

Prize draw

Complete the survey and you could be in with a chance of winning £500.

All of the completed forms, online and in print, will be entered into a prize draw.

Closing date 4 June 2010. The winner will be notified in July

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“We need to understand how we can enthuse those already in the industry, at a time when delivering food and environmental sustainability is of prime importance.

“This short survey will give us some of the information we need. For example, I want to understand what training is being offered, to existing farm managers and workers as well as those currently at colleges and universities, and to look at what conditions are like,” he said.

“I feel these factors are integral to our need to encourage more young people to come into farming. We also need to enthuse those people already in the industry, as well as those making their career choices.

“Farming has gone through many peaks and troughs during my 20 years in agriculture, but never more has the sector required the skills, training and enthusiasm to take it forward in a positive way,” Mr Padwick added.

Whose opinions are we after?

This time we are not looking for the opinion of the owner or occupier. It is the men and women who report to the boss that we want. So if you are a stockman, shepherd, foreman, fitter, tractor driver, sprayer operator, secretary, student, seasonal worker, farmer’s daughter or son it is your opinion that counts.

Quick and confidential

The survey should take no more than five minutes and is completely confidential.

The information you give will be used only in statistical form and your views will be completely confidential.

This survey is being conducted by an independent research agency in accordance with the Market Research Society code of conduct.

You can afford to tell us what you really think about your job, its benefits and its pitfalls. Thank you very much for your time and co-operation.

To take the survey click here

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