NFU puts model Liz Hurley straight on food production methods

An article in Hello! magazine about actress and model Liz Hurley has been challenged by the NFU.

The union has written to the celebrity magazine to correct a number of points made in an interview in the issue of 11 November.

“Liz Hurley raising money for breast cancer charities is admirable, as is her interest in food production; however there are some inaccuracies that need correcting,” said the NFU.

“To clarify, the use of hormones in beef production is banned in the UK, and many EU countries, including the UK, refuse to import meat that is produced in this way from countries abroad.”

“In addition antibiotics are only administered to animals under the care of a vet on prescription, and much in the same way as humans need them, they are taken to preserve the health and welfare of the animals concerned.”

Ms Hurley came to public attention in the 1990s as the girlfriend of actor Hugh Grant.

In recent years she has been branded a ‘celebrity farmer’ by the media after buying a farm in Gloucestershire and starting to rear organic pigs.