Piers Morgan roasts veganism and attacks its biggest flaw

TV presenter Piers Morgan rode to the defence of farmers and the way they produce food yesterday by roasting veganism as a flawed and “increasingly irritating” concept.

In a bizarre and at times hilarious live interview on Good Morning Britain yesterday (5 December), Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones said she wanted veganism to become a religion to stop the ridicule of adherents’ dietary choices.

She said: “It’s a deeply held belief and a passion and I believe in not making others suffer. I believe the most vulnerable members of our society – which is farm animals – should be treated with respect.”

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Morgan ripped into her for eating bread, making the same argument that Farmers Weekly columnist Charlie Flindt made earlier this year: that vegans refuse to eat animal products while ignoring the killing of insects in crop production.

“You are aware that in the process of wheat manufacture, literally billions of insects get murdered… and yet vegans never mention them,” he said.

“[Vegans] munch their bread… while abusing people like me who eat steak. You don’t care about the little guys, do you?” he added.

Watch as a flustered Liz Jones admits that vegans “are not perfect”. It is a shocking example of how little militant vegans really understand food and farming.

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